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On March 26, 2022, El Camino Health Foundation will present Red Envelope Celebration, a festive benefit to mark the 10th anniversary of Chinese Health Initiative (CHI). CHI is the first and only hospital-based service in the region to address the distinct healthcare needs of the Chinese population and has served thousands of people. Donations to the foundation over the decade have enabled CHI to grow and broaden its culturally-tailored programs, which include health fairs, medical screenings, educational workshops and seminars, Qigong classes and wellness lectures, and a CDC-based diabetes prevention program. The next key initiative is an emotional health campaign. Your donation will help CHI continue to meet the Chinese community’s unique healthcare needs and support its next decade of service.

El Camino Health Foundation 基金會將於3/26舉行Red Envelope Celebration募款活動,以慶祝「華人健康促進計畫(Chinese Health Initiative, 簡稱CHI)成立十週年。「華人健康促進計畫」,是南灣第一個、也是唯一由醫院成立專門服務華人的部門,十年來服務了成千上萬的華人。十年來透過El Camino Health Foundation 基金會捐贈給CHI的善款,讓這個專為華人服務的組織可以成長,擴大其針對華人需求所設計的服務, 如健康園遊會、健康篩檢、針對華人高發疾病設計的講座、氣功和社區保健課程、以疾病防治局(CDC)科學實證的模型為基礎,為華人量身定做的糖尿病預防課程。下一個未來重點是心理健康的推廣。您的捐款將可以幫助CHI繼續滿足華人社區獨特的健康需求,支持他們下一個十年的社區服務!

For assistance or more information, please email foundation@elcaminohealth.org or call 650-940-7154.

如需協助或更多訊息,請電郵: foundation@elcaminohealth.org 或致電650-940-7154.

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