Support the Chinese Health Initiative

El Camino Health’s Chinese Health Initiative is the leading culturally-sensitive health resource for the Chinese community in Silicon Valley. It was established in 2010 to better serve this population’s distinct health care needs. In collaboration with Chinese professional, community, and healthcare organizations, the Chinese Health Initiative conducts free screenings for and educational programs about hepatitis B, liver cancer, hypertension, stroke, diabetes, and other diseases that are taking a disproportionate toll on the community. The Chinese Health Initiative is ready to grow along with the community it serves, but it needs your philanthropic partnership in order to do so. 
For assistance or more information, please email or call 650-940-7154.

隸屬於El Camino Health 的「華人健康促進計畫」,是北加州唯一在主流醫院中設立,專門服務華人的部門 ,以促進華人的身心健康為宗旨,為矽谷(硅谷)華人社區提供適合其語言文化需求的健康醫療資源。我們針對華人高發病B型 (乙型 ) 肝炎、肝癌、高血壓、中風、糖尿病提供免費的健康篩檢和教育講座,與華裔醫生合作把專業的醫療常識以中文帶進華人社區,增進華人對常見健康問題的認識和預防,並認識美國的醫療系統;我們開辦保健氣功課和中醫講座,把中國傳統的保健方法融入現代人生活;並在醫院內與各部門合作,為華人提供適合其語言和文化習慣的服務。「華人健康促進計畫」與時俱進,回應華人社區愈益多元的需求,我們需要您的慈善捐贈,幫助我們提供適合華人語言和文化需求的醫療資源!如果需要更多訊息或任何協助,請電郵我們的基金會 或是撥打650-940-7154。 

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